A Ison Art

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About me

I have been fascinated with colours, shapes and patterns since I was a child; immensely engrossed by the relationships between colour,  patterns and shapes formed by nature. Growing up in Devon, surrounded by amazing countryside, I have always enjoyed the experience of drawing using nature as inspiration. After art college I became self employed as a portrait artist and worked from home whilst being a full time Mum of three wonderful children. From there art was self taught.





Now I live in Worcester and continue to be inspired by nature, creating mostly ink drawings, and more recently lino prints. My love of pattern and design are still recognisable throughout my portfolio and my art has begun to centre on repetitive (almost obsessive) mathematical processes, both illustrative and abstract. I work in detail and like precise intricate lines interwoven to form images that convey my love of art and nature. The repetative images helping to convey the slight variations nature holds across the same species of bird, plant, and animals etc.  Through my art I hope to convey a little of this wonder, order and beauty of nature to others.